Thursday, May 21, 2009

Target Bargains!

I just love it when I have more coupons than I have items! LOL I got a lot of free items by using manufacturer coupons and Target coupons together.

Here is what I got:

I got the two bags of Pupperonis for .52 cents (for both)

The ritz crackers cost .67 cents after coupons.

Wheat Thins were FREE

The package of Bic Pens were FREE

The 6 Bliss candy Bars were all FREE

The four "to go" Crystal Light packets (have 3 packets inside) were all FREE

The 2 jars of Kraft mayo were 1.27 after coupons (for both)

The 2 tubs of sugar free Koolaid were 1.19 after coupons (for both)

The 2 Dove deodorant were by big spend. they were clearanced to $2.54 and each came with a matching free body spritz. After coupons they came out to 1.54 each (normally I NEVER spend over a $1.00 for deodorant but, I got the 2 free body sprays as well)

Both the Lorna Doone and the Oreo 100 calorie pack boxes came out to $1.12 for the 2 of them.

Total spent $7.85 + tax

I used mostly coupons printed from and from I also used a couple of coupons from Sunday paper inserts.

BTW, I don't have a dog so, I got the Pupperoni's for my brother's dog. When I can get pet food this cheap or for free, I always get them and either give them to a family member who could use them or I donate them to local animal charities. I try to gather up a decent stockpile of pet products and then donate them. I also save coupons to donate to private charities for animals. Please don't ignore the possibilities to get some of these products for free or very cheap to donate.

And, when other things will be super cheap or free after coupons and sales, take advantage of them. If your family can't use them, still get them and donate!

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