Reuse it tip - Milk Jugs

More reuse it ideas for milk jugs:

1. Toilet brush container. (cut top off. make it just big enough to fit the brush through if you can. You can snazz it up to fit your bathroom any way you want. The reason i like this is because I like to keep bleach water in the bottom so the brush soaks in it. Just change and rise out the water from time to time.)

2. Funnel (cut off the bottom)

3. Holder for paint brushes and paint water

4. Fill with water and use to weigh down things outside

5. Use 1/2 gallon sizes as weights for the edges of your picnic table cloth

6. Use either size (gallon or 1/2 gallon), depending on your need as scoops

7. Freeze 1/2 gallons filled with water to use in your cooler when having a day out

8. In the garden, bury a few milk jugs that you have punctured holes into around your plants and then fill with water, recap. Provides a slow watering system.

9.) A Mini Greenhouse

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