Regarding the Swine Flu

Hi everyone. This post is to let you know that Lysol helps to kill the Swine Flu Virus. I just read a post from Barbi (at Homemaker Barbi)letting us know about Lysol. I visited the Lysol site (please go and read about it yourself so you too can be better informed). Here is the link Lysol. Also, head over and read Barbi's post. Here is a link to that as well. Barbi's Link.

Unlike the antibacterial products that just kill germs, Lysol actually kills viruses as well.

A little simple thing like using Lysol could help keep you and your family safe. Lysol even sells a handy "to go" size for your purse. And wipes to use when you are out and about. Use Lysol on common virus areas such as shopping cart handles, door knobs, light switches, countertops and phones. Don't forget to clean your children's toys, highchairs and car seats.

You don't have to go on a major cleaning binge, just hit the hot spots.

Sorry about doing a product endorsement type of post, but I thought this was worth posting about.

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