Motivate me Monday

May was one tough month for us! We had 3 different Court date hearings and needless to say, the stress level has been through the roof!

Now that we head into June, I'm am looking around my home and other aspects of my life that got seriously put on the back burner. It ain't pretty! LOL Right now it looks downright overwhelming! So, where do I start?

Isn't that always the question? Everything is so far behind. I am staring at what seems to be miles of dirty laundry. I'm relatively sure that my dining room table is wood, but with the stacks of unopened mail piled on it, I could be wrong. I don't need to worry about having a piece of paper and pen around to jot down a number, I have our TV screen and my finger. The flat of flowers I bought a week ago are trying to plant themselves. Due to all the traveling and stops at fast food restaurants, I think it would be easier to just leave the doors open on our truck and let the neighborhood dogs clean it out. And the list goes on.

I keep trying to find the magic closet. You know, the one where you step into it and can clone yourself into 6 more versions of yourself. Of course the closets are so crammed pack and unorganized, I couldn't even get into "activate" the Cloning machine! I really need the "Super Housekeeper" Diann, "Laundry Annihilator" Diann, the "Gardening Guru" Diann, the "Home Business Manager" Diann, the "Super Nanny 911" Diann, the "I make Alton Brown look pathetic" Diann, the "Martha Stewart Eat Your Heart out" Diann ....oh, man, I need more than 6 clones!

It's hard enough to be all these clones and more everyday and try to maintain your life, what do you do when you are behind?

I guess I start right where I am sitting and slowly spread out. Kind of like a "search team". So, this week, I am the one that needs motivation! Please feel free to leave a "Go Diann! Go! you can do it!...rah..rah...rah!" comment for me. I'm gonna need it!!


  1. i say grab a friend or two to help you out! make a list (or designate a certain room) and see if they can just come help for an hour or two (then be willing to do the same for them!)

    if all areas of my house are a disaster then i utilize the timer. i set it for 20 minutes and only focus on one room. pick the top 3-5 rooms/areas and do 20 minutes in each place then move on. take a break as needed and then do it again, 20 minutes in each area on your list. this helps me prevent the problem of getting distracted and moving from one thing to another too quickly and never actually making a dent in anything. but it also helps me not get overly tired of just one area.

    i don't know if that's in any way helpful, so i'll just finish off with "GO DIANN! You can do it!!!!!"

  2. Thanks for the cheer!!! I have a couple of great friends who would be here in a heartbeat if I called them. I may enlist one of my girlfriends this week for a "gardening date"! LOL I absolutely agree with you when it comes to the "20 minutes at a time". I find I get more done that way. Thanks for dropping by for a little "pep talk"!


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