laundry tips

Save some money with laundry tips.

* use only ½ the detergent recommended by the laundry detergent manufacturer
* cut dryer sheets in half
* make your own laundry softener sheets (See "how to" post here!)
* dampen a rag and pour a small portion of fabric softner on it and throw into final rinse (don’t’ use the amount directed on container)
* wash in cold water as much as possible.
* hang dry most of your clothes
* empty lint trap after every load
* reuse dryer sheets to dust off tv and computer monitors (helps with the static)
* only do as many loads as you are sure you will completely finish that day (avoid rewashing things due to them sitting in washer or having them sit in dryer and wrinkle)
* do laundry in the evening to help warm up the house and humidify it. Also helps keep the heat down during the day in the summertime.
* always do a full load of wash.
* wash items that can be hung up to dry together.
* wash out the lint trap from time to time. If you run water over your lint trap and the water beads, it needs to be washed with some dish detergent until water can run through it.
* once every other month or so, pull washer and dryer out and clean all the lint build up.
* once in awhile add ¼ cup of white vinegar to your rinse water. It cleans the tub of your washer from built up detergent reside.
* white vinegar can be used in final rise to soften clothes and helps with smells and loosening any greases or dirt in clothes.
* if you forget a load of wash in the washer and the next day it has that musty smell, re-wash using a half of a cup of white vinegar.

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