I love odd places!

Okay, so we are camping and this morning I decided to drive into town and get a Sunday paper. I was talking to this guy and I said something like, "I wish there was a good place around to pick some cheap odds and ends". He asked me what I was looking for and I said that I was always on the look out for cheap grocery places to stock up from. He told me about this little warehouse outlet. And then gave me directions. I thought, "cool, an adventure!" So, I took off and found this little place. OMG! What a little goldmine! Here are just some of the goodies I picked up:

Kraft squeezable Mayo (24 oz) - .79
Kraft Squeezable Salad Dressing (Miracle whip kind) (24 oz) - .79
Kraft salad dressings (16 oz) - .59
100% grapefruit Juice & 100% orange juice (64 oz each) - .79
Spartan Brand sweeten fancy flake bags of coconut - $1.00 and then they were BOGO free!
Curves Honey nut/fruit nut cereal (1 lb box) $1.00-BOGO Free!
Jello brand (6 individual to a box)"make it yourself pudding" - .69 BOGO Free! (came in both regular and sugar free)
Ranch style beans (16 oz can) - .39
Planters lightly salted peanuts (16 oz ) (in a cute Mr. peanut shaped glass jar) - .79
Chunked ham (tuna size can) - .59 BOGO Free!
Large box of cinammon graham crackers - .69
3 boxe set of leftover Easter Peeps - .25 BOGO Free!
Spartan brand large can of pineapple rings - .69 BOGO Free!
Arbuckles 1 lb. bags of coffee - $1.00 BOGO Free!

And a lot of other things that I can't remember right now. I stock up our trailer and bags that are going home for the pantry!

I also got this cool tin John Deere Clock (looks like a huge bottle cap) for $3.99
A Martha Stewart DVD & Matching clear vinyl expanadable file. This is a link to a site to buy (the one I just bought had the bonus of the file with it) Martha's Homemade Holidays. - $2.50

Anyway, I had a blast shopping on this Mother's day!

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