Friday funday!

What are you and your family doing for Memorial Day/weekend?
Do you have a family tradition? Are you spending it going to a parade? A picnic? A festival? BBQ?

We are going to be spending the weekend at the campground. Saturday we will be spending a part of the day at the "Highland Festival". You can check it out HERE.The other part of the day we will be working on cleaning up the campground and helping out in their auction and yard sale (to raise money for kids to go to camp). We are also helping cook the spaghetti dinner they are hosting at the campground Saturday.

Sunday we will be back at the festival and then relaxing at the campround the rest of the day.

Monday will be another day of helping get the campground ready for summer camping season.

So, our weekend will be quite busy and full.

If you don't have any plans yet, check your neighborhood papers and see what is happening around your area. Pack a picnic and enjoy the beautiful weekend at a park with your family. And this is a great opportunity to talk about the reason behind Memorial Day with your kids.

Here is a nice site to get some basic information CLICK

Visit a local cemetary and honor those who have fought for this country and for us to be able to enjoy this weekend.

To all those out there with family members in our armed services, I want to take this moment to thank you and your loved one(s). From the bottom of my heart, I pray for your safety and honor you by living every day the best I can. Thank you!

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