Friday Funday!

Money is difficult to come by these days. We are all struggling to make sure our bills get paid, grocery bought, needs met. One of the first things that we have a tendency to cut is our vacation plans or activities because they aren't an absolute need.

If you are in a situation right now that you are looking at your budget and realizing that there is little to no money for some of the fun summer activities you had hoped to enjoy, then maybe it's time to get the whole family involved.

Have a family meeting and discuss what things you would like to do this summer and figure out the costs of each activity. Do you want to go camping for a week? How much is your campsite fee? How much will it cost for the gas to drive there and back? How much for food and extras? Or did you want to do some fun one day activities? Go to an amusement park? How much will that cost your family?

Get your kids ideas and thoughts. Use a dry erase board or chalkboard and list the activities and then put how much it will cost next to each one of them.

Set goals next to each of the items and decide what priority each activity has. Then brainstorm! Ask your kids how they think that "we" as a family can earn this extra money.

** Where can you cut back on some everyday things? How much would that add to the "family fun fund"?

** Have each child go through their toys and bag up stuff they no longer play with. Go through their clothes and pull out stuff that no longer fits but is in good shape. You and your spouse do the same thing. Decide on a day for a yard sale. Your kids could also have a "koolaid/lemonade/iced tea" stand going during the yard sale.

** How about selling some stuff on Ebay? Or listing it on Craigslist?

** Can any of your children mow lawns? Weed Lawns, water plants, walk dogs, paint fences etc. And mom and dad, this includes you too! Start a little summer family business. Make up fliers or little paper business cards. Let people know that you and the kids are earning money for some family summer fun.

**Can you or your spouse get a part-time seasonal job maybe one or two days a week?

** What about a paper route?
(sometimes just knowing it is only for a couple of months makes these extra jobs not so bad)

** Do you live in a state where there is deposits on cans and bottles? Start collecting them!

Put all the money earned in a clear jar where everyone can appreciate their hard work and contribution. You could turn this into a fun experience. And a great learning experience.

The whole point is to do it as a family.

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