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Coinstar, you know those Big green "turn in all your coins" machines you see in grocery stores and various other places, are now free to use? I didn't! I never used those machines because I just could not imagine paying someone, or something as the case may be, to count out my change.

Well, now you don't have to pay as long as you redeem your change for gift cards or ecertificates! Here is a sample of available gift cards you can now get:

AMC Theaters
Old Navy

Now you can exchange your coins for FREE when you load the value onto a card or eCertificate for big name brands. That's right, there is no coin counting fee when you choose this option. Try it today!
How to get FREE Coin Counting at Coinstar Centers:

Select Gift Cards & eCertificates from the main menu
Select the retailer brand of your choice
Pour in your coins
In just minutes, you'll receive your fully loaded gift card or eCert right from the machine

The site does state that there maybe different brands available at different locations.

For me, this just made the thought of using one of these machines a much more acceptable idea!

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