Tuesday Tips!

Today is "Reusing plastic grocery bags". We all use them to line our smaller trash cans, but here are a few more ideas to put those bags to use!

1.) Paint brush & roller protectors. Need to stop painting for a little while and want to keep your brush moist? Wrap a plastic bag around it and then rubber band it.

2.) Vegetable peeling catcher. Instead of peeling over your sink, counter or cutting board, peel over a plastic bag then flip it inside out catching all the peelings.

3.)Wet Umbrella Holder. Instead of having a dripping unbrella lugged around with you, drop the umbrella into a plastic bag and you can slip it into your purse when out and about.

4.) Potting fillers. Crumble up several plastic bags and place in the bottom of your pot (how many depends on how big your pot is). this cuts down on how much potting soil you use.

5.) Garment shapers. Need a piece of clothing to maintain its shape? Stuff it with plastic grocery bag. (same goes for shoes or purses)

6.) Small garment bag. Slit the bottom of the bag and cover clothes that are hung up to keep dust free

7.) Draft Dodgers. sew a cylindrical bag out of fabric and stuff tightly with plastic bags and place at the bottom of doors to keep the cold out.

8.) Gloves for messy projects. This one is pretty self explanatory.

9.) Knee protectors. when gardening, wrap plastic bags around your knees. This will keep your knees or pants from getting stained.

10.) Mail fillers. When sending package, wrap shipped items in plastic bags and then pack around the items with plastic bags.

11.) Dirty clothes bag for Traveling. Keep a few in your luggage and put your dirty clothes in them, tie off to repack when heading home. Also great for putting your shoes in when traveling.

12.) Diaper bag. Always keep a few in there for various reasons!

13.) Soiled Diapers. Before tossing the soiled diaper, put in plastic bag and tie. Helps to keep the odor down.

14.) Ornament wrappers. Wrap your ornaments up in plastic bag when packing them away.

15.) Scraps. When skimming fat, skin and bones out of chicken, double line a bucket, bowl, can with plastic bags and put the scraps straight into it. When done, tie and toss.

16.) Defrosting meats. Put a paper towel or newspaper in the bottom of a plastic bag and place the meat your are defrosting in it. Saves clean up from leaking.

17.) Make a rug. Here are the Directions HERE. Or try other crafts HERE!

Do you have any other ideas to share?

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