Tuesday Tips!

Today's tips are all based around bits of leftovers.

**Coffee drinker? Freeze the leftover coffee into ice cube trays. When frozen, pop them into a freezer bag or container and label. They are great to add a cube to any rich broth, gravy, sauce or soup you are making. I generally only use them with red meat dishes. It really boosts the richness and flavor!

Make your own frozen mocha drinks. You will always have a frozen cube or two to start them!

** Take all those little bits and piece of leftover cooked meat and drop them in a freeze bag or container with a little bit of liquid (this help prevent freezer burn), label and freeze. Use that bag as the base for a hardy meat soup!

** Same as above goes for all those little hardened pieces of cheese you cut off the end. Put them all in a freezer bag or container, label and use those the next time you make any kind of cheesy dish.

** When you open a can of vegetables, drain the juice into your freezer bag or container that will be marked "Vegetable Stock". Next time you make a pot of vegetable soup, you already have a great base starter!

** Same as a above for canned fruit and the leftover juice. Freeze and they make great instant frozen juice cubes to munch on or use them in smoothies, baking, Jellos,shakes or puddings.

** Pickle juice and no pickles? Add hot dogs or fresh chopped veggies or boiled eggs to the juice and let marinate for a few days. you can spice it up however you want, or just use as is.

** Only have a little bit of dressing left? Add vinegar, milk, mayo or sour cream (or any combo) to the jar and shake.

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