A Time Saver Tip

Time is a very valuable commodity to all of us! And anything to make life a little easier in my everyday chores, I'm ALL ABOUT THAT! LOL

Here is one of the little time saver things I do.

I found this package of four little net bags at the dollar store. I was so tired of searching for Lia's socks everywhere. Now I keep the new bag in her bedroom and everynight when the socks come off, they get put into the bag. When I do laundry I just tie the bag shut and toss the whole thing in the washer & dryer! I am doing this with my socks and hubby's socks as well now. It is such a time saver!

**No more searching for socks everywhere
**No more having socks missing in the laundry
**Socks are all in one place and don't have to be sorted.
**No more missing one sock and stopping on the way to church to buy another pair of socks to match the Little Princess's dress(........errrr...if that kind of thing happens to you I mean.) :)

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