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One of the many things a well stocked kitchen should have is bouillon. There are all kinds of varieties available. Bouillon is one of those multi-tasking kind of foods. You can buy it cheap and it stores easily. And bouillon can be a great way to stretch your food budget. You can use bits and pieces of leftovers and create a quick and cheap snack or part of a lunch.

Want some ideas for bouillon use?

**soup stock

Okay, so the above we all know about. How about making your own "Cup-a-soup"?

Here are a few combinations to try. Remember, just play around with flavors you like.

Tomato Beef = a cup of beef bouillon and a 1/2 of tomato juice. (I like to spice it up with Redhot)

French onion = 1 cup of beef bouillon + a tsp of dried onions and a dash of garlic. If you want you can add some cheese and a piece of stale bread or croutons to the top.

Lemon rice soup = 1 cup of chicken bouillon + 1 tsp of lemon juice + 1 tsp of instant rice

Vegetable = use either beef or chicken bouillon + dried vegetable flakes + dash of garlic powder and onion powder.

The list of combinations are endless. Think of the different spices you have and try different combinations. Curry powder? Red pepper flakes? Fresh herbs? Chili powder?

And try adding some bits of leftover meats (crumbled bacon, sausage, bits of ham, chicken, turkey and beef roasts)

Also you can add starches ( a few crumbled noodles will cook pretty fast in a cup of boiling bouillon, add a tsp of instant mashed potato flakes, a little instant rice)

The point is, it is cheap, easy, yummy and a budget stretcher. Not to mention there are 100's of combinations you can make. No need to go out and buy anything special, just add what you have on hand!

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