Thrifty Day?

What did you do to save a penny or two today? Did you reuse something? Repair something? Remake something?

Today I saved money by:

**This morning was a Mystery Coffee Shop. So, I got my morning coffee for free.

** I realized when I got home that I don't have any disposable to go cups. Granted, I have many travel mugs but, sometimes you are in a situation where you don't want to lug around a cup so, I try to keep a few disposable cups with lids around. I washed this mornings free coffee cup and lid and at least I now have one!

** I ate my free sample of Cream of Wheat for breakfast

**UPS dropped off a package. they put it into a large clear garbage bag. I reused that garbage bag in the kitchen trash can instead of pulling out a new one.

** I gathered my read magazines and bagged them up to drop off at my moms. We swap our magazines all the time.

** I also have a couple of books to exchange with mom as well.

** I filled an empty juice bottle with water to go into the fridge.

** I found a basket to use as an Easter basket. Made a bow for it and instead of grass, I crinkled up some pastel tissue paper I had from gifts that were given to me in the past.

** made homemade dye for Easter eggs

And it's only 3:00!

Every little bit here and there helps. I would love to hear what little things you have done to save a penny or two. Please feel free to leave a comment and share. You never know, you might give someone else an idea!

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  1. Heres what I did to save a penny:

    When I cooked bacon for breakfast, I saved the grease.

    My Grandma did this, my Mom did it. Bacon grease was used to cook, to grease bread pans and just about everything, but lately the practice seems to have declined. It's just easier to throw it away.

    Then, we use butter, or shortening to grease pans.

    I know people worry about cholesterol, but my Grandpa lived to 85 and my Grandma to 92, so the bacon grease obviously didn't do them much harm.
    Maybe they key is not in what you use, but how much you use?
    Besides that, it makes the bread you bake, or the mushrooms and onion you saute taste better than butter does.


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