Not all Sales are created equal

I subscribe to a lot of blogs and I get a lot of great information. I try to gather the information that I find relevant and pass along to you in this blog. Obviously I subscribe to many "money saving" & "freebie information" type of blogs. They are such a great help to me for saving time and saving money.

However, you have to keep in mind that all the stores we shop at have different prices according to region. I know we have 3 Walmart stores in my area and NONE of them have the same price for the same product. Can you believe that!

An example of this is Betty Crocker Frosting. A lot of blogs out there had posted about Betty Crocker Frosting available at Walmart for .88 cents. So, I dutifully printed out my coupon for .55 cents off and headed to Walmart to get me a can of .33 cent frosting! Well, my Walmart sells this frosting for $1.49 a can! With my .55 cent off coupon my cost would have been .94 cents, which is a decent price for a can of frosting. Definitely not .33 cents. so, I will either save that coupon for when one of the stores has this item on sale for .99 cents (which happens occasionally) or perhaps take it to SuperK's Super Doubles this week(not all Kmart stores across the country are doing this coupon special).

Most money saving bloggers out there are really trying to help us all save some of our hard earned cash. And a lot of them make a note to remind you that prices vary. So, before you print off a bunch of coupons for deals you see, check with the store and double check to make sure you are getting a good bargain.

A few tips for printing online coupons:

1.) Make sure to set your printer preferences to "Quick Print" and "black and white only". There is no need to print at the highest quality or in color.

2.) Try using coupon generators that allow you to print multiples on the same page. Less papar waste. For example, for Target store coupons, I suggest signing up (it's free) at A Full cup. This site has a lot of great coupon generators that you can put in the quanity of the coupon you want to print.

3.) Most coupon generators have a limit of how many coupons you can print off at a time. Usually that limit is a "daily limit". So, if you see a great coupon and want to match it up with a sale, get to printing early so you can have several to use by the end of the sale.

4.) Use scrap computer paper to print on. As long as it doesn't have anything of a personal nature on one side, re-use it to print your coupons.

5.) Sometimes some of the best coupons come straight from a products website. The big problem with these are you don't have control over how they print out. When I print these types of coupons, I watch my printed paper as it comes out and as soon as I see the coupon has printed out I cancel printing. I don't need to print out the cute colored logo or picture that is attached to the coupon when printing.

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