No room to garden.

Okay, so you have searched "gardening/small places" a million times everywhere on the net and still haven't come up with a idea that will work for you. Well, I want to give you a thrifty and easy way to have a little bit of your own garden when you have little to no space or due to physical abilities, you may not be able to handle a larger garden.

First of all, you don't need to go and buy fancy schmancy gardening pots or hanging planter holders and any of those other "I thought gardening was suppose to be cheap!" kind of stuff.

Here's an idea you might find works for you. Of course, size completely depends on you and the amount of room you have. What if all you have is a balcony because you live in an apartment? How about making a hanging herb garden? Of course anyone can make his also. You could stake these around your shrubbery if you want or any other place that it might work.

How to make:
**gather as many soup cans as herbs you want to plant (if you want bigger plants, go with the large juice cans)
** clean cans completely
** punch some holes in the bottom for drainage
**get creative decorating the cans
Spray paint
left over exterior paint
fabric, decorative napkins, tissue paper, wrapping papers, wallpaper, whatever you can come up with. Glue and or ModPodge in place. If you really like them and want to preserve them spray (or brush) with a sealant. Otherwise at the end of the year, just throw them out and make new next year.
** straighten out wire hangers
**use some pliers and wrap straighten wire around the can a couple of times and secure. Then pull the wire so it is straight up from the can. Make a hook on the end of the wire so it can hang over your balcony or on a hook somewhere.
**line the can with wax paper or a plastic bag. Make sure to punch holes through to match up the holes you already punched in the cans. Trim excess so you don't see it.
** toss in a couple of rocks for better drainage and fill with solid. Plant your herbs!

If you plan to stake these, obviously you would have the wire straightened out and going down from the can. I would use several straightened wire hangers and wrap them together for better stability.

Cut and use herbs regularly because herbs can grow pretty fast and pretty big.

Don't forget, get creative with what you have! Of course, you can use this same idea and plant flowers in each hanging can as well.

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