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Okay, I am not a huge country fan music. I like some of it but, deep down, I'm a classic rock kinda gal. However, A new song was released by John Rich of "Big and Rich" fame that I just had to share.

Since I live in the metropolitan Detroit Michigan area, this is very relevant to me and my family and friends.

Due to the mass cuts in the auto industry, Michigan has been hit the hardest when it comes to unemployed worker's. As of March, Michigan's unemployment rate is at a staggering 12.6% !! That is huge! We as a state, are struggling! Everyone I know has been effected by these jobs lost. It isn't just the car factories, this area has a ton of smaller businesses that are dependent on the auto industry and they are all becoming obsolete as well.

It's a very scary time here in Michigan. We love our state and are proud of the contributions we have made in the past that benefit the world. We are a state of innovative thinkers and doers. We paved the way for so many others.

Everyday, I hear about someone who is losing their home or has just gotten the pink slip. At the same time I am seeing an individual or organization step up and help someone out. It is heart wrenching and heart lifting all at the same time.

I believe in Michigan and it's people. We have a long hard battle ahead of us but, as Michigan history proves, we will come back and be stronger and better!

It is nice seeing someone with the "working mans background" acknowledge the trouble we are dealing with right now.

Here is the John Rich song "Shuttin' Detroit Down"

And here is the video of the same song from John Rich's official site. Thank you John!

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