Honoring Earth Day

As we know, a lot of companies out there honored Earth Day and Earth Month by offering deals and freebies to their customers. First off, I want to thank those companies. Yes, it is a great marketing tool to get customers in the door but, still all in all, it benefited us, the customer. It makes us feel like we are doing a little here and there by carrying our free reusable totes to stores or trying out a free CFL light bulb we may not have tried otherwise. And most importantly, it is allowing our planet and the care of our planet to be in the limelight.

Right now, we are all very busy and have so much on our plates that we don't think about the welfare of our planet everyday. We lose sight of the "big picture" because our "small picture" is so demanding.

However, here is a weird and perhaps twisted realization: Due to the harsh reality of our economy today, we are actually helping the planet on a daily basis more than ever! Think about it. All over the world right now, people are feeling a major economical crunch. And what do most people do when their finances are threatened? We stop consuming so much. We rethink our purchases. We reuse things, fix things, cut back on things. We start demanding better products that last longer or live up to their hype. We don't have the luxury of just buying something that won't last just because.

We are all watching our gas tanks closer because we can't afford to just run here and there whenever we run out of something. We plan a trip out for our errands, thus using less gas. People are using coupons and trying to make their dollars stretch as much as possible to take care of their families. This helps cut down on all the last minute take-out dinners with all the cartons that go along with them. Not to mention all the absurd over-packaging that ends up in landfills that accompanies so many convenience type foods.

We are looking for ways to cut our heating expenses daily. We are unplugging or turning off electrical items throughout our homes to help us reduce our monthly bills.

We are finding out that foregoing a night out in favor of staying home and rediscovering games and homemade snacks can be a lot of fun and a hefty savings to our wallet. And local parks are a great way to spend a day with the family and enjoy a picnic that you packed with your leftovers and reusable plates and cups.

We are dusting off our travel mugs for coffee. Refilling our water bottles. Brown bagging it whenever we can. Taking snacks along with us for the kids instead of stopping and buying something. Looking forward to trying our hand at a little gardening. Cutting back on buying so many different cleaners and discovering the "one does it all green cleaner" or making our own.

So, for every one of you out there doing one or more of these simple money saving/earth friendly things, I want to thank you as well!

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