I can't think of anything more thrifty than planting your own garden! I LOVE to garden and wished I had a huge plot of land that I could do a full-blown garden in. I would be in gardening heaven! I am fortunate to have a brother who plants a pretty decend size garden every year and Hubby and I help him plant and maintain it so it's the next best thing to having my own.

Now, just because we don't have land to plant a big garden does not mean we don't garden at home. We have a nice little herb bed that we have gotten to the point of having some great healthy herbs that return every year and we always add more. We also have a few large oak barrels that we normally just fill with flowers but, this year we are going to plant a couple of tomato plants and mint in them along with a few flowers, just to keep it pretty. :)

A week ago Troy (the Hubs)picked up some seed packets and a "starter pellet" kit that had the tray, 72 pellets and dome (Walmart $5.00...way to go Troy!).You can do this cheaper and with not so many pellets. I think the 48 pack of pellets is about $2.50 and you could use cardboard egg cartons to start them in. He planted the seeds a few days ago and we are seeing little tiny sprouts. I just love that! Yup, I'm just a big kid at heart!

Here is Troy's post showing step by step planting the seeds.

Once the seedlings have grown enough that their roots start sticking out the bottom, it will be time to move them into something bigger. Here in Michigan, planting doesn't really start until around Memorial Day so, these plants will not be able to go straight into the ground outside for awhile.

We will start making homemade pots for the plants soon. This is a cheap and eco-friendly alternative to buying plastic pots. Here is how you can make your own pots:

Take one full sheet of black and white newspaper (color paper can have chemicals).

Fold the paper on its seam then fold in half again.

Make a good crease on folds.

Take a glass (jar/plastic cup) place it on its edge halfway onto the newspaper. Wrap the newspaper tightly around the glass and then shove all the edges down inside the glass.

Pull the newspaper off of the glass. Take the inside edges that you had previously folded into the glass and unfold them a bit to make the base of the pot. Press them down hard.

Put your soil into the paper pet and plant your pellet.

When you are ready to plant either remove the paper and plant into the ground of score the paper and plant the whole thing into the ground.

Here is a link to show how they are made.

Planting seedlings is a lot of fun and a great learning project to do with kids!

I found this post on that shows how to make your own starter pellets. they have some other fun articles regarding gardening.

Check it out here

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