Friday Funday!

We are heading out for our first camping trip of the year. Woohoo! We searched online and found a campground that is run and owed by a local church. After contacting them we made reservations (awhile back). What is so awesome is the price is only $15.00 a night with water & electric hookup! We have a travel trailer in case I didn't mention that. LOL

Now anyone out there that camps knows how expensive the pricing of campgrounds has become and $15.00 a night is wonderful! So, I suggest that you look into church campgrounds. They generally have the campgrounds because their youth groups or other organizations have many camp outings. Renting out their extra sites helps pay for the maintenance. However, if you are a big "late night party and wild child" kind of camper, I would suggest looking else where! LOL They do have rules and you must agree to follow them.

This will also be our first Festival of the year. The Hubby and I are major festival junkies! We have been to some of the most interesting and fun festivals around the U.S. We really love the small home town kind of festivals. The festival we are going to is the Maple Syrup Festival. If you want to check it out, here is the LINK.

This will be Miss Lia's (15 month old) first festival. We did take her camping once last year. This year will be so exciting for her. Of course, it will probably be exhausting for us! LOL

So, what is happening in your area that is free or a really good deal? What kind of fun things are you going to do alone or with your family this weekend?

Here are some things I found or suggestions to check into:

Toys R Us is having a "Thomas & Friends" playdate from 11:00am-1pm on April 25. they will have story telling, coloring fun and free giveaways. It's always wise to double check your local Toys 'R Us. Here is the LINK.

I got a notice that several fruit markets in the area are having opening parties or open house events this weekend in our area. If you want to see whats going on in your area, check LocalHarvest out and see if there isn't something you and your family might enjoy.

This is the last weekend for the Goodrich Quality Theaters FREE Spring Matinees. This weekend is "Hotel for Dogs" on April 25 & 26. Here is their site for more information, click HERE.

Check out your local parks. One of our parks is having a free music in the park night with dancing and entertainment geared toward the whole family.

How about taking your kids to Lowe's "Build and Grow" Clinic this Saturday April 25 This week they are making Hang Gliders. Check it out HERE!

See if there are any fun street fairs or festivals happening around you. Pack a picnic and take the family for some fun!

Lots of stuff happening in and around your area that is cheap. Do a little investigating and see what fun things you and your family can do! And have a great weekend!


  1. Some wonderful ideas! I have camping nightmare stories from when I was a kid, but I promised my hubby I would go camping with him. Then we had two children in quick succession. Still haven't gone camping...yet. We never would've thought to try church sites though - great tip!

  2. Oh, sorry I forgot - I found you through the Family Friday carnival :)

  3. Thanks! Camping can be pretty overwhelming if you haven't done it in a while. I hope to write more tips for camping in the next few weeks. BTW, I am at the campground right now. I just love that so many campgrounds have free WiFi! I'm so roughing it! LOL


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