Follow-up of the homemade dryer sheets

Yes, that is a picture of my favorite flannel pants that were sacrificed for use as dryer sheets. Of course they had been re-sewn so many times, the fabric was just wearing out.

First off, I have enough dryer "sheets" to last a life time! A pair of flannel pants makes a LOT of dryer sheets. I only used about 20% of what I cut up. I put them in the baby wipes container, added 2 tablespoons of fabric softener and 10 tablespoons of water and shook. The other round container is for the ones that were used already.

My opinion? I really like this a lot! I don't see myself going back to dryer sheets or just pouring liquid fabric softener in the rinse cycle again! Yeah!! Seriously, this is super cheap and works great. The hubby even likes it because there is just a hint of fabric softener smell to the clothes instead of a fuller smell. The clothes felt soft and I haven't noticed any static either. So, I am sold on this.

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