Baby steps in Couponing!

So, are you ready to dip your toes in the world of couponing? Or is your brain saying, "No way! Just the thought of even attempting to tackle all those coupons makes me break out in hives!"

If you haven't really been a couponer, it's okay. You can take a deep breath, relax and think pleasant thoughts. Because guess what? We aren't going to go "whole hog" couponing. Nope, we are going to start very slowly. I promise, this will not hurt!

First things first. I bet you didn't even know you can preview the coupons that will be in the paper ahead of time did ya? See, that's why you got me. For all these juicy little tidbits. "Southern Savers", is a blog that posts upcoming coupon inserts regularly. Check it out HERE!. It's a wonderful blog and I have it linked under "My Blog List" on the left sidebar.

Okay, so you looked at the list. Did you see anything that might interest you? Are you heading out the door at this very moment to get your paper?

Now we are going to do just a little couponing. Glance through your coupon inserts, is there a coupon you know for sure you are going to use because it is something you were planning to get anyway? Cut it out. After you have glanced through the coupon inserts, start looking through your local ads. As you are looking through the ads, did something jump out at you and say, "Hey, that is a pretty good deal and I think I remember seeing a coupon for it". Go back through the coupons and see if you can find that item. Find it? Cut it out!

Everyone has a different method on how they keep their coupons ready for a shopping trip. You can staple the cute little coupon directly to the ad so you know where it is and what store it is going to be used at. Or you can get a notebook, pad of paper, scrap paper, whatever, and write the store name down, write the sale price and the coupon discount. Once done with the whole ad, fold the ad and use a paper clip to attach coupons, list and ad together and set it aside and move on to the next ad.

Once you are done going through all the ads, gather all your inserts, write with a marker at the top of each insert the date and then just put them in a folder. Wait! Whats this? No cutting out a ton of coupons and then trying to figure out how to organize them? No coupons flying all over my house? Oh, this has got to be wrong! NOPE! Do not cut out all the freaking coupons in those inserts! That will make you insane! Not to mention, it will create high levels of stress!

Now next week, after you have gotten a few great deals this week with your coupons, you will do it all over again. You will now be able to glance through the coupons you got this week as well as new inserts.

Your done. That's it. You spent some time doing quick coupon deals for the week. Now you can just put all your coupons away. Decide when you are going to shop at the stores that are on your list. And now just relax and enjoy your Sunday!

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