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Spring and summer are here...finally! Woohoo! Time for heading to the park, street fairs and festivals.

This time of the year can be the best time of the year for lots of free and super cheap activities to enjoy. So, get yourself prepared and enjoy all the fun!

Put together your summer time tote bag and keep it handy to grab on your way out.

Use any tote bag/backpack to create your summer tote. If you don't have any type of tote bag, pick up one of the reusable "green' bags all the stores are selling.I have seen them for as low as $1.00 a bag (Target). Remember, if it isn't too girly, your guy will trade off and on with you carrying it at different events (okay, most of our guys will carry it regardless of how girly it is, but it would be nicer for them if it isn't some bright pink Hannah Montana tote bag!).

Now, start gathering and saving all those extra condiments we get from fast food places. Such as catsup, mustard, dressings, salt, pepper, wet wipes, etc. don't forget to save all the extra napkins and plastic ware you get and don't use either. Put them all in a ziplock bag (or for a truly frugal idea, toss them in an empty bread bag with a twist tie)and toss that bag in your tote.

**This is important: please don't think for one minute that I am telling you to go to a fast food restaurant and stock up on free condiments. That is stealing. We do so many fast food shop jobs, that we always seem to have a ton of this stuff that they put into our bags.

Next, in another bag, put some paper plates (got any left over from a birthday party, Christmas party or clearanced so cheap because they were so ugly?...use them!) and throw in a few disposable cups as well. You can use plastic cups that have to be washed, just remember to bring a separate ziplock bag to put those if after they have been used and make sure you take them out and wash them before you use your tote again.

It doesn't hurt to throw another little bag together with maybe some Tylenol, band-aids, sunscreen, lip balm or other little things that are handy to have.

This is a great way to use different samples you have gotten in the past. Also, I don't know about everyone else, but I seem to get tons of little makeup cases or pouches free all the time. Whether they were gifts or a cute little bag that held some product or the plastic zipper cases that new valances sometime come in, regardless, I seem to get a lot of them. I use them for my summer tote instead of ziplock bags. So, the idea is to use what you have.

I keep my bag stocked all summer. We go to a lot of festivals and I toss my wallet in the tote, keys, camera and usually a couple of bottles of water. Sometimes, I throw in handy little cheap snacks to have throughout the day. I also keep those individual flavored drink packets that I get from freebies or super cheap. that way after I have drank my water I usually stop at a water fountain and refill it and add the packet for a different drink.

The point of the paper plates and cups are this, we love festivals and occasionally want to try the different street food but, as we all know, that can be really expensive and street fairs and festivals can be just a nice cheap day. So, we plan ahead at how much money we are willing to spend on food or drink while we are there and we just get one of the item we want to try and then split it. So, also make sure you have a plastic knife to help you cut something up.

Of course, if you are planning a day out adventuring, pack a lunch, drinks and snacks. Keep a small cooler in your car/truck. Also, I keep an old blanket in a zipped bag (from a new blanket) in the truck all summer long as well. And to be honest, Troy and I enjoy different freebie events like this so much that we keep our lawn chairs in our trucks until Fall! We never know when we are out and about what kind of fun thing we will happen upon.

So, be prepared and have a blast at all the fun things that are happening around us during the upcoming seasons and do it frugally!

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  1. Great minds think alike girl! I have a cooler that holds my paper plates on the side. I have old silverware and some plastic ones in a pocket. I also have the flavored drink mixes in there as well along with wipes and paper towels.

    I even have a cooler that I have turned into a first aid kit that I always bring with me when we go on longer trips.



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